Traveling Artists | Art Parties, Workshops & Lessons

Traveling Artists

We are a traveling group of artists committed to celebrating and sharing our love of art through teaching. Our artistic events including workshops, lessons, painting and sculpture art parties are all wonderful ways to spread the gift of art and to connect with others.

Art Parties / Pop Up Art Events

An artistic background or previous experience is not required to create your own unique work of art. Enjoy the process of art and creative flow, learn to create from the heart. You will be guided through a step-by-step process in a stress-free & relaxing environment during any of our events. Our painting and sculpture art parties are a great way to share time with others.

Paint Parties (Paint & Sip)

Let your experience unfold with one of our creative experts. We will gently guide you through a fun & efficient process of building an acrylic painting from start to finish. We bring all the supplies needed and take care of the clean-up. Loosen up & unleash some creativity!

3D Sculpture Parties | Clay or Mixed Media

Sculpture can be a great alternative to your average birthday party! Choose from our unique array of materials that can be used to build a one of a kind unique sculpture.

Art Workshops / Pop Up Art Classes

Workshops are taught by our much enthused, supportive and talented troop of traveling artists. Workshops are given at a variety of venues and usually range from 2 to 4 hours. Contact us to book a workshop or pop up art class or event!

Painting for Beginners | Art Workshops

There are many approaches to painting. Sometimes the amount of information presented can be overwhelming. I enjoy leading students through a set of what has been interpreted as the fundamental “elements of art”. These visual elements are a great support system, which invite you to further explore the way something can be visually interpreted. These elements present the groundwork necessary to lay a foundation for beginners.

Go with the Flow! - Fluid Painting | Art Workshops

A fun and more recent popular method of paint applications. These fluid or “pour” paintings are a great alternative to brush work and are a beautiful and mesmerizing approach to covering your canvas. Let your paintings unravel themselves through a series of fluid based pour applications. This workshop is a wonderful experience to appreciate the relationships between color, and the role of happenstance that takes place while making art.

Landscape Painting | Art Workshops

Landscape painting is a wonderful modality for creating a painting. Water-based and oil-based paint types are both welcome. Dry pastel is also a great medium we can work in.

Watercolor Paint Sketches | Art Workshops

Landscape painting is a wonderful way to introduce the fundamentals of watercolor painting. In this 1 day workshop. Students will learn numerous ways to first approach a watercolor painting or “sketch”.

Outdoor Landscape Painting | Art Workshops

Being present and outdoors to create a landscape painting is a favorite for many.

Sculpture | Art Workshops

Sculpture is a great hands-on tactile experience for any age. The traveling sculptors work in variety of materials such as clay, wax, stone, a popular favorite : aluminum foil, or recycled or “found” objects,


About Sarah
A passion for creativity emerged when I was a young girl and has continued to thrive in all aspects of my life and work.

After graduating from the State University of New Paltz, NY, I immediately worked as a professional artist. I collaborated with a team to create large-scale paintings for public and private corporate fine art collections nationwide.

My love for art and people unified in becoming the director and an art instructor for the Katonah Art Center for 11+ years. I flourished in creating a realm of working artists and becoming a conduit for helping others to find their creativity.

Through constructing ideas for art programs, this led me to teach. Using art as a vehicle, I have found that my love is in offering supportive, creative guidance in helping others of all ages strengthen their unique persona & to connect with the creative community.
I continue to create commissioned fine art and animal portraits, see some examples of my work here.

Every human being is an artist, a freedom being...
— Joseph Beuys